Hotellerie - New Project

Our service offers in the first place a technical and aesthetical support to make the most appropriate choices for your own hotel structure. Active in the window and door sector since 1907, Bocchio Solutions has decided to expand its own horizon looking forward but with respect to its own story and that of other. That’s why, besides the conservative renovation, our expertise also involves the sector of the domotica and new installations such as the entry control of the single rooms: a big step towards the new technologies, while taking account of the importance of our architectural tradition.

A linear and detailed planning which is the basis of a work entirely carried out by our team, that is certified and trained for high-altitude activities. 

An aspect to point out is certainly the non-invasiviness of our operations: the restauration work takes place with the greatest respect towards the preexisting structure, that will keep its historical, structural and architectural nature by renovating its level of functionality. Relying on our certified team of professionals means choosing an accurate and steady route, because it takes into account the technical and aesthetical peculiarities of the building and because it is followed by a continuous and solid assistance.

Our history has already big projects in the hotel business: : Grand Hotel GardonePalace Hotel Villa Cortine of Sirmione, LA Home of Moniga, Lefay Resorts e Spa of Gargnano, Santa Margherita Palace e Spa of Santa Margherita Ligure, Hotel Olivi of Sirmione e Sunset Residence of Brenzone. A story ready to continue.