Hotellerie - Conservative renovation and Renovation

Conservative renovation, improvements of existing structures, emergency and maintenance: our hotel business activities tell a passion born and grown up with us. But what happens when our work meets with the hotel industry? A conservative renovation based on a complete range of joinery but above all materials, of our production, different depending on the facility in which we operate.

From the most modern and functional structure to the richest in history, Bocchio Solutions provides for advice and supplies for all main categories of materials: wood, wood aluminum, aluminum and PVC.

Our operational advice takes place in the course of several stages: a preliminary analysis of the facility, during which we listen to the client in order to understand better the general situation; the preparation of a detailed offer that includes costs and benefits, timing and procedure which are modular and adjustable on the part of the client himself; a planning stage where the preliminary plan is made executive and definite; and finally the supplying, the transport and the installation of the materials; these activities are carried out entirely by our professionals and qualified installers.

The indoor comfort is an element that should not be underestimated. One of every hotelier’s priorities is surely the client’s feedback concerning the surrounding set: contact with the sunlight, thermal insulation and soundproofing. In this regard our consultation is done also based on this important factor, on which depends the careful selection of the frame and the materials to be used. 

Bocchio Solutions offers a personalized service of practical and especially aesthetical advice, inserted in a process that is planned together with the client, detail by detail. In addition to this, the team of technicians and professionals has the ability, thanks to our recent certifications, to focus on the production and installation of specific and certified frames for escape routes and emergency exits according to the reference standard, which is an essential factor in any kind of public hospitality facility.